Histórias de Sucesso

Fibre optics

A large construction company recently signed a framework agreement with GHS to supply and deliver fibreglass for the construction of a house-to-house fibre network countrywide in the Netherlands . GHS was able to deliver the first 50.000 fibre cables within 14 days after the order was placed.

‘GHS is my ideal partner, they always stock the equipment we require and understand our needs’

Spare hardware

A Bank is highly dependent on one specific and specialised piece of network equipment. To ensure this equipment can be replaced quickly when required, GHS ensures that this precise component type is delivered via their global supplier network and always kept in stock. Consequently, this specialist equipment can always be delivered on time, and in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


An ISP renewed their installed base and had a large quantity of redundant switches, all of the same type, to sell via GHS. To ensure the highest sales value GHS decided not to sell all the switches in one go, but to phase the sale on different markets. This solution offered both the customer and GHS the best value for money.

New hardware

An end user was under pressure from his regular supplier to purchase all equipment needed for the following year in one transaction, because the desired model was to be withdrawn from the market. The customer instead switched to GHS as we are able to supply the selected model for the next five years.